Marcus "Marc" James Talbot is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Talbot, and is the only son between the two. He has been married to Prudence and Temperance Mac Cnáimhín, whom he shares a loving yet complicated relationship with and they have two biological sons Gerald and Christopher and they have two legal children together a son named Thomas and a daughter named Lark.

Thomas was born through an one night stand Temperance had with Romeo Devereux and Lark was born through an affair with Maureen Fitzpatrick.

Marc is the leader of the North American Warlock Cabal, with Reaper Belmont being his second-in-command and he was the founding member of NAWC where he and several others unified the scattered covens under one united front instead of separated units of Waring groups.

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  • Magic: Due to his nature as a Warlock, he has a natural connection to magic and is able to use it for the simplest of reasons to the grandest of reasons.
    • Spell Casting: The act of changing and controlling events by magical influence.
    • Potion Brewing: The act of brewing and concocting supernatural elixirs and potions that contain mystical properties.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to create, control and manipulate fire. Marc has shown enough proficiency in this power to hurl fire balls and streams of continuous fire.
    • Incineration: The ability to burn objects to the point they completely disappear. Marc was able to instantly and effortlessly incinerate a bunch of keys Macy threw at him by just lifting his hand in their direction.
  • Limited Shapeshifting: The ability to alter one's physical form. Alastor can shift between a human form and a demonic form.
  • Supernatural Condition: He has an advanced supernatural condition, due to his Warlock blood.
    • Superhuman Strength - Warlock posses superhuman strength, making them physically powerful then normal humans.
    • Superhuman Durability - Warlock can be physically tougher than humans, more resistant to injury, and to be able to endure pain longer and easier
    • Razor-sharp fingernails — The ability of having one's nails sharp enough to wound or shred flesh.
    • Fang Retraction — Warlocks has abnormally sharp fangs and can deliver a deadly bite with them.
    • Longevity - Even though Warlock are mortal, some witches have been shown to live much longer than humans. Some are even potentially immortal, but they can still die as easily as normal humans.

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  • Marcus is the Roman praenomen, or given name, that was probably derived from the name of the Roman god Mars. Mars is possibly related to Latin mas "male" (genitive maris). In Roman mythology Mars was the god of war, often equated with the Greek god Ares. This is also the name of the fourth planet in the solar system.
  • James is the English form of the Late Latin name Iacomus, which was derived from Ιακωβος (Iakobos), the New Testament Greek form of the Hebrew name Ya'aqov (Jacob). This was the name of two apostles in the New Testament. The first was Saint James the Greater, the apostle John's brother, who was beheaded under Herod Agrippa in the Book of Acts. The second was James the Lesser, son of Alphaeus. Another James (known as James the Just) is also mentioned in the Bible as being the brother of Jesus.
  • Talbot is from a surname that was perhaps derived from a Germanic given name composed of the elements tal "to destroy" and bod "message".

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  • Marc is of Irish descent.
  • Marc is Vietnam veteran.
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